[Gluster-users] New to GlusterFS

Hoggins! fuckspam at wheres5.com
Wed Oct 23 08:56:45 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

By the way, when I issue service glusterd stop and service glusterfsd
stop, there are still gluster* processes running on the machine, even
after a minute.
Is that a normal behavior, should I kill them directly, should I just
wait for them to die peacefully, or is it safe to shutdown the machine
at this moment ?

Thanks !

Le 23/10/2013 07:32, Joe Julian a écrit :
> Yes.
> Bobby Jacob <bobby.jacob at alshaya.com> wrote:
>     Joe,
>     You mentioned “If you shut down a server through the normal kill
>     process”:
>     What do you mean by normal kill process. Is it just shutdown the
>     server for maintanence after going a “service glusterd stop” and
>     “service glusterfsd stop”.

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