[Gluster-users] Solaris NFS client and nfs.rpc

Heiko L. hlehmann at fh-lausitz.de
Thu Oct 10 20:14:09 UTC 2013

hallo Olivier,

you should start the call with better overview.
(client-ip client-os  Server-ip server-os action result...)

I hope to understand what you mean.
99.200 linux | 99.202 linux gfs-3.3.1 | mount -o vers=3 nfs://$server/vol1 /mnt | error="access denied"
98.66 sol11 | 99.202 linux gfs-3.3.1 | mount -o vers=3 nfs://$server/vol1 /mnt | not receive an access denied

Do check running "one" nfsd on nfsserver only. [1]

> nfs.rpc-auth-allow:
all clients should be added.

i had to use the following command on solaris-client:

nfsserver #  gluster volume status | grep NFS
NFS Server on localhost                                 38467   Y       20092
NFS Server on                             38467   Y       9281
## pick port number
nfsclient # mount nfs://$nfsserver:38467/$vol /mnt/$vol

-   5. dom0: running kernel-nfsd or glusterfsd-nfs only, not both yet. [1][2]

[1] google: "mount kernel-nfsd glusterfs-nfsd at same time"
[2] google: "xvm.gluster.nfs.overview.txt"

regards Heiko

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