[Gluster-users] Questions related to heal-failed

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Thu Nov 28 02:45:51 UTC 2013

  Hi Couilles-de-Loups!
After a few unsuccessful attempts to get answers on the gluster chat, I turn to email.

I have Glusterfs version 3.4.0.

1) What is the correct usage of command:   gluster volume heal myvolume info heal-failed  ?

When I type this command, I get a list of files:


2013-11-14 03:07:52 <gfid:fd1d018e-38ae-444c-a069-91528b9871dd>/10.jpg

2013-11-14 03:07:51 <gfid:fd1d018e-38ae-444c-a069-91528b9871dd>/1.jpg

In fact, I get this:

[bob at server]# gluster volume heal myvolume info heal-failed | grep -i number

Number of entries: 6

Number of entries: 68

So on my 2 bricks, I have a total of 74 "heal-failed" files.

2) When I do gluster volume heal myvolume and/or gluster volume heal myvolume full, then I type again the gluster volume heal myvolume info heal-failed, I get the same number...

In fact it is saying that the command was successful (Launching Heal operation on volume myvolume has been successful Use heal info commands to check status)...

3) How to I remove those files so they don't appear in "heal-failed"? Do I want to remove them? My understanding is that this command should only show the files who have not been healed, not some relics of the past.

4) About logging which log should I check to know why I have "heal-failed"? 

I found the log directory, but I have plenty of logs, including brick1 and brick2 logs.

I looked at them, but have not found the root cause, yet.

5) I can not find those files marked as "heal-failed", can someone tell me a hint or explanation? (for example what is this: gfid:fd1d018e-38ae-444c-a069-91528b9871dd)


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