[Gluster-users] Every requests only push to one server?

Ta Ba Tuan tuantb at vccloud.vn
Wed Nov 27 03:17:58 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

This is my configuration:
#gluster volume create export replica 3 transport tcp 
gluster-data-01:/export/sda \
                    gluster-data-02:/export/sda \
                     gluster-data-03:/export/sda \

                                            gluster-data-01:/export/sdb \
                                            gluster-data-02:/export/sdb \
                                            gluster-data-03:/export/sdb \

                                            gluster-data-01:/export/sdc \
                                            gluster-data-02:/export/sdc \

With this configurion, every requests will push gluster-data-01?
I worry that CPU and Memory on gluster-data-01 will overload.


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