[Gluster-users] Block size reported from FUSE-client

Maik Kulbe info at linux-web-development.de
Mon Nov 25 15:18:47 UTC 2013


I've come to notice that the file system block size reported from stat on a client is 128k, which is pretty high for the small files I use. On the other hand, I tested copying smaller files to the volume and it seems those 128k are not the real block size - when I copy two 64k files to the volume `df` reports only a change after both files have been copied.

So my question would be what is the real block size for the Gluster volume? The block size of the underlying xfs? Or something else? And is it possible to read the real block size? We wanted to use the block size reported by stat to calculate the real file size use on disk but it seems that is not possible with Gluster..

Thank you in advance,

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