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Anand Avati avati at redhat.com
Thu Nov 21 06:46:20 UTC 2013

On 11/20/13, 10:40 PM, Randy Breunling wrote:
> Hi.
> We met at a storage meetup in SF a couple months ago...and I think
> exchanged a couple emails regarding some gluster-related questions I had
> (which I can't seem to find at this time).
> Anyway...I'm interested in learning a little more about gluster and was
> wondering if the gluster community website is the best place to go to
> learn about it...and if I have questions...is that a good place for a
> non-developer to post questions.   Is there also gluster information on
> the RedHat website someplace...or anyplace else that's got good
> introductory and use-case-related information.
> Thanks in advance for any feedback.
> --Randy Breunling
> rbreunling at gmail.com <mailto:rbreunling at gmail.com>
> Data Architecture consultant, Decision Sciences International


gluster.org is the best place. Please join gluster-users@ mailing list 
(on cc, link available in gluster.org) and introduce yourself and ask 
any questions you may have. We have an active and vibrant community on 
the mailing list!


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