[Gluster-users] Problems recovering volume

Diego Lendoiro diego at inestable.org
Mon Nov 18 10:43:28 UTC 2013

On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 7:41 PM, Vijay Bellur <vbellur at redhat.com> wrote:

> On 11/16/2013 04:24 PM, Diego Lendoiro wrote:
>> Hello everyone;
>> First I would like to congratulate all the gluster community for such a
>> project. I have been using gluster for a while and I am very happy with
>> it :-)
>> I am facing the following situation in a gluster distributed volume
>> deploy that currently uses gluster 3.4.0 and native gluster clients.
>> For some reason, which I don't know yet, configuration files
>> (/var/lib/glusterd/) have been damaged so the volumes config is lost but
>> the data remains intact.
> You could have possibly re-generated the configuration files by performing
> a volume set option:
> #gluster volume set <volname> network.ping-timeout 42
> would have created the configuration files back.
> Nice, I will keep this in mind for future crashes :-)

>> I have been advised in #gluster that I can recreate the volumes without
>> losing the data. I have followed this procedure:
>> 0.Create a backup of each brick.
>> 1.Umounting the partitions that contain the gluster volumes.
>> 2.Create the distributed volume again in the same mount point that it
>> was previously.
>> 3.Mount the data.
>> 4.Start the volume.
>> Step 4 was outputing an error regarding the volume-id so I followed the
>> instructions from Joe Julian's website:
>> http://joejulian.name/blog/glusterfs-path-or-a-prefix-of-
>> it-is-already-part-of-a-volume/
>> After a while I managed to start the volume and mount the data in my
>> clients but I have some inconsistencies like some files are missing in
>> some of the bricks.
> Are files missing in the bricks or are they missing when seen from native
> gluster clients? If files are not being seen from the native clients, it is
> more likely that a glusterfsd server is not online. Does gluster volume
> status report that all processes are online for this volume?

Seems like the processes are online:

gluster volume status
Status of volume: work
Gluster process Port Online Pid
Brick st0:/mnt/shared/work 49152 Y 18450
Brick st1:/mnt/shared/work 49152 Y 12370
NFS Server on localhost 2049 Y 18598
NFS Server on st1 2049 Y 12575

There are no active volume tasks

Since I have backed up all the data in two usb disks I am considering to
recreate again the volumes and restore from backups.

Thanks for all the help Vijay :-)


> Regards,
> Vijay

Diego Lendoiro
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