[Gluster-users] QEMU-KVM-libgfapi question

Nicholas Majeran nmajeran at suntradingllc.com
Fri Nov 15 17:48:12 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone,

I am running a KVM test cluster on Fedora 19 using gluster + libgfapi as 
a network backend for my QCOW2 images.
This configuration precludes me from using virsh's backup features 
provided in Fedora and thus I am doing "live snapshots" by executing:

# perform internal snapshot on qcow2 using FUSE mount to gluster:
qemu-img snapshot -c snapname /gluster/test.qcow2

# convert the snapshot to an external file for archiving:
qemu-img convert -s snapname /gluster/test.qcow2 

My Question:

1. Is there any blocking or locking issues I should be concerned about 
while doing snapshot's or converts?

2. I know this leaves my snapshot in an inconsistent state...but is this 
an incorrect use of the qemu/qcow2 tools?

3. Is there a better way to do this via gluster / gfapi that I'm missing?


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