[Gluster-users] upgrade from distribuited to distribuited-replicated

Stefano Bridi stefano.bridi at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 15:18:58 UTC 2013

Is it possible?
I have a pair of server which I'm reinstalling.
On each server I have 3 local mountpoint I plan to use as distribuited
between each other on the same server and replicate on the other
server, something like this:

gluster volume create data replica 2 \
nas1:/data/0 nas0:/data/0 \
nas1:/data/1 nas0:/data/1 \
nas1:/data/2 nas0:/data/2

Can I' start with a:

gluster volume create data nas1:/data/0 nas1:/data/1 nas1:/data/2

... then start using it as a storage and as soon as the other server
is available add it as a replica?
Is it possible?


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