[Gluster-users] Multiple Volumes (bricks), One Disk

David Gibbons david.c.gibbons at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 15:31:49 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I am interested in some feedback on putting multiple bricks on one physical
disk. Each brick being assigned to a different volume. Here is the scenario:

4 disks per server, 4 servers, 2x2 distribute/replicate

I would prefer to have just one volume but need to do geo-replication on
some of the data (but not all of it). My thought was to use two volumes,
which would allow me to selectively geo-replicate just the data that I need
to, by replicating only one volume.

A couple of questions come to mind:
1) Any implications of doing two bricks for different volumes on one
physical disk?
2) Will the "free space" across each volume still calculate correctly? IE,
if one volume takes up 2/3 of the total physical disk space, will the
second volume still reflect the correct amount of used space?
3) Am I being stupid/missing something obvious?

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