[Gluster-users] Deleted files reappearing

Øystein Viggen oystein.viggen at ntnu.no
Tue Nov 12 07:24:07 UTC 2013

Lalatendu Mohanty <lmohanty at redhat.com> writes:

> It sounds like a split brain issue. Below mentioned commands will help
> you to figure this out.
>  gluster v heal <volumeName> info split-brain
>  gluster v heal <volumeName> info heal-failed
> If you see any split-brain , then it is a bug. We can check with
> gluster-devel if it is  fixed in the master branch or there is bug for
> it in bugzilla.

Thank you for your reply.

I've repeated a similar test on my two node cluster like this:

1. shut down node 02
2. on the client run "rm -Rf linux-3.12/"
3. while the rm is running, boot up node 02

That has the following interesting results:

On the client:

rm: cannot remove `linux-3.12/arch/mips/netlogic/dts': Directory not

On the servers:

"gluster v heal ovvmvol0 info split brain" and "gluster v heal ovvmvol0
info heal-failed" both show 0 entries.

It also claims to have healed some files:
# gluster v heal ovvmvol0 info healed
Gathering Heal info on volume ovvmvol0 has been successful

Brick ovvm01.itea.ntnu.no:/export/sdb1/brick
Number of entries: 4
at                    path on brick
2013-11-11 13:49:32 /linux-3.12/arch/mips/netlogic
2013-11-11 13:49:32 /linux-3.12/arch/mips
2013-11-11 13:49:30 /linux-3.12/arch
2013-11-11 13:49:29 /linux-3.12

Brick ovvm02.itea.ntnu.no:/export/sdb1/brick
Number of entries: 3
at                    path on brick
2013-11-11 13:49:29
2013-11-11 13:49:29
2013-11-11 13:49:29

On the client, these three files in linux-3.12/arch/mips/netlogic/dts/
are indeed shown as present.

Still curious if this was a somehow a quorum issue, I added two more
servers, for a total of four servers with one brick each.  Still
replicate 2.  I set cluster.server-quorum-type=server and

I repeated the experiment of shutting down node 02, starting an rm -Rf
on a client, and booting up node 02 again.  This time, it healed
seemingly half the linux-3.12/arch/x86/include/asm/ directory.  As one
might expect, the directory is completely empty on bricks 03 and 04,
while bricks 01 and 02 share the same files.

Should I file a bug about this somewhere?  It seems easy enough to


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