[Gluster-users] What are you using for replication of data between two isolated networks?

Brian bsilverwood at viddler.com
Wed Nov 6 20:45:25 UTC 2013

Here is my scenario:

I'm using Gluster in Amazon AWS. I have two VPCs in two regions. I would 
like to have my gluster volumes synced between both regions.

Some of the options I have seen:

1.) VPN Tunnel (OpenVPN)
2.) IPSEC Tunnel (openswan)
3.) Gluster Geo-Replication

What are people using, and what have been the pros and cons with each?

In regards to Geo-Replication. Does the slave have full access to the 
data? If the slave updates data, will that be passed on to the master or 
will the sync process step on it (see that it doesn't match the master 
and will try to delete it)?

Thanks for all your help!

Brian Silverwood
Systems Administrator
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