[Gluster-users] KVM guest I/O errors with xfs backed gluster volumes

Jacob Yundt jyundt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 12:41:22 UTC 2013

> Jacob, are you using xfs on top of HDD or are you using somekind of RAID?
> We have disks with 4K sectors and we are using those in RAID-6 setup with
> LSI Megaraid controller. We haven't run into these issues and I wasn't able
> to reproduce it. I did only very quick tests tho, so it may be that I have
> missed something.
> -samuli


I'm not using RAID in my config.  I've tried a few tests: LVM, hard
partition (e.g. the whole disk without using LVM), however, it seems
to fail regardless.


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