[Gluster-users] Newbee Question: GlusterFS on Compute Cluster?

Fabricio Cannini fcannini at gmail.com
Sat May 11 00:14:47 UTC 2013

Em 10-05-2013 19:38, Bradley, Randy escreveu:
> I've got a 24 node compute cluster. Each node has one extra terabyte
> drive. It seemed reasonable to install Gluster on each of the compute
> nodes and the head node. I created a volume from the head node:
> gluster volume create gv1 rep 2 transport tcp compute000:/export/brick1
> compute001:/export/brick1 compute002:/export/brick1
> compute003:/export/brick1 compute004:/export/brick1
> compute005:/export/brick1 compute006:/export/brick1
> compute007:/export/brick1 compute008:/export/brick1
> compute009:/export/brick1 compute010:/export/brick1
> compute011:/export/brick1 compute012:/export/brick1
> compute013:/export/brick1 compute014:/export/brick1
> compute015:/export/brick1 compute016:/export/brick1
> compute017:/export/brick1 compute018:/export/brick1
> compute019:/export/brick1 compute020:/export/brick1
> compute021:/export/brick1 compute022:/export/brick1
> compute023:/export/brick1
> And then I mounted the volume on the head node. So far, so good. Apx. 10
> TB available.
> Now I would like each compute node to be able to access files on this
> volume. Would this be done by NFS mount from the head node to the
> compute nodes or is there a better way?

Back in the days of 3.0.x ( ~ 3 years ago ) I made a 'distributed 
scratch' in a scenario just like yours, Randy. I remember of using 
gluster's own protocol to access the files, mounting the volume locally.

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