[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] Nightly rpms?

Justin Clift jclift at redhat.com
Sat Mar 23 19:52:17 UTC 2013

On 18/03/2013, at 9:12 AM, Nux! wrote:
> Hello,
> On some occasions with 3.4 for example I seemed to hit bugs that not only were already reported, but in some cases even fixed (like some recent quota failed issue). Is there a place where I could get nightly or at least weekly RPMs?
> This way at least I'll hit new or unresolved bugs ... :-)

If it's helpful, just added instructions to the wiki for building
RPMS from git source (for Fedora 17 and CentOS 6.4):


It's actually pretty simple (once you know how). :)

If someone know's the steps for building the RPMs for SuSE and
similar, please add them. :)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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