[Gluster-users] help, avoid glusterfs client from occuping rsync port 873

符永涛 yongtaofu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 06:22:28 UTC 2013

Gives above steps are too complex and it's not easy to maintain volume
files especially if the volume backend brick changes. I intend to make
it a patch and only make it configurable throw mount option on the
client side. Any body agree with me?
Thank you.

2013/3/12, 符永涛 <yongtaofu at gmail.com>:
> Finally I find the answer though it's not very convinient but doable.
> 1 sudo gluster volume set <volume> server.allow-insecure on
> 2 get the volume file from glusterfs backend server
> the file is <volume>-fuse.vol
> 3 edit the volume file add option client-bind-insecure and set it's
> value to on for every protocol/client xlator
> 4 mount the volume by customized volume file above
> /usr/sbin/glusterfs --volfile=<volume file> --volfile-id=volume mountpoint
> Then the glusterfs client will use local port which is larger than
> 1024 and the port conflicts issue can be resolved.
> 2013/3/12, 符永涛 <yongtaofu at gmail.com>:
>> dear gluster experts, any suggestions? Thank you very much.
>> 2013/3/11, 符永涛 <yongtaofu at gmail.com>:
>>> Dear gluster experts,
>>> I recently run into an problem related to glusterfs client process
>>> occupy rsync port 873. Since there're serveral volumes in our client
>>> machines the port conflicts may occur. Is ther any easy way to solve
>>> this problem? Thank you very much.
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>>> 符永涛
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>> 符永涛
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> 符永涛


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