[Gluster-users] Disappointing documentation?

Papp Tamas tompos at martos.bme.hu
Tue Mar 5 22:46:29 UTC 2013

On 03/05/2013 05:33 PM, Joe Julian wrote:
> It comes up on this list from time to time that there's not sufficient documentation on
> troubleshooting. I assume that's what some people mean when they refer to disappointing
> documentation as the current documentation is far more detailed and useful than it was 3 years ago
> when I got started. I'm not really sure what's being asked for here, nor am I sure how one would
> document how to troubleshoot. In my mind, if there's a trouble that can be documented with a clear
> path to resolution, then a bug report should be filed and that should be fixed. Any other cases that
> cannot be coded for require human intervention and are already documented.
> Please tell me your thoughts.

There is no online documentation for v3.3. Every google search points to

There is an Admin guide, but it's in pdf and html gzipped? Is it fun?:)
Also I'm afraid this guide is RH specific.

For example there is this section:

"If you are using Samba to access GlusterFS FUSE mount, then POSIX ACLs are enabled by default.
Samba has been compiled with the
option, so no special flags are required
when accessing or mounting a Samba share."

How do you know about that?

Also there is no good cifs documentation.
I suggest adding a full smb.conf.
I asked here in the list for tuning help, with no answer, then later I found the solution by google.
For me max/min protocol = SMB2 was the trick. But there can be locking issues (for example Adobe 
Premiere and Photoshop).
I don't blame the list, but the online, searchable documentation should be more helpful.

However of course this is a samba general issue at the same time.

And I think this guide should be used more or less by experts, not absolutely beginners.
If someone is looking for the right information, it's hard to find, because too verbose:

"Chapter 6. Accessing Data - Setting Up GlusterFS Client
28 Manually Mounting Volumes Using CIFS
You can manually mount Gluster volumes using CIFS on Microsoft Windows-based client machines.
To manually mount a Gluster volume using CIFS
Using Windows Explorer, choose
Tools > Map Network Drive...
from the menu. The
Network Drive
window appears.
Choose the drive letter using the
drop-down list.
, select the volume to map to the network drive, and click
The network drive (mapped to the volume) appears in the Computer window.
Alternatively, to manually mount a Gluster volume using CIFS.
Start > Run
and enter the following:
For example:

This whol cifs section is obviously only an example:)


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