[Gluster-users] cluster.min-free-disk working?

Jon Tegner tegner at renget.se
Thu Jun 20 05:41:50 UTC 2013

On 20/06/13 06:15, Vijay Bellur wrote:
> With 3.3.1, the percentage was being interpreted as a number. A 
> workaround was to configure using bytes and the references allude to 
> this.
> Can you explain a bit more about the issue being seen with 3.3.2qa3? 
> Are new files being created in bricks that are more than 80% full 
> after setting min.free-disk to 20%?
> Regards,
> Vijay


Yes, new files are being created even on the servers being full to over 80%.

Apart from the min.free-disk I haven't made any configurations. I 
introduced this limit when two of the were full to about 80%, and now 
they are filled up to about 90%.

My guess is that it could have something to do with the fact that the 
two disks in questions were populated already when I installed gluster 
on them, and that those files are not accounted for?

Regards, and thanks!


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