[Gluster-users] SNMP exposure for monitoring?

Antony Hawkins antony.hawkins at logicmonitor.com
Mon Jun 17 12:30:51 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I see on this page: https://github.com/pcuzner/gluster-monitor (last 
updated maybe a month ago) that "Gluster itself does not currently 
expose performance metrics".

Is there any plan to change this, to expose performance metrics via SNMP?

I have been tasked with adding GlusterFS monitoring to LogicMonitor and 
we would want to do this as "natively" as possible, i.e. without the 
need to rely on scripts and without needing GlusterFS users to 
install/maintain additional intermediary monitoring tools such 

Is this possible / on the road map?

If it is possible, is there a MIB available or at least a documented 
list of OIDs?

The original request calls for monitoring of (I'm quoting):

- basic volume usage, free space, used space (etc) statistics;
- some notification of error conditions, possible split-brain problems;
- self healing (stats or notification if healing happens that is)".

Is any of this possible?

Many thanks

Antony Hawkins
antony.hawkins at logicmonitor.com

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