[Gluster-users] glusterfs missing files on ls

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I have had similar situation with file not listed in the ls directory listing but still available on Gluster if referred directly. It ended up a as split brain situation. After I have cleared splitbrain , files have appeared. It seems that splitbrain can occur on directory entry also, not just the file.

Here is my script to fix splitbrain on replica pairs. I am using client and server on each node. If your client is some other machine, then stat command should be executed on client host.

WARNINIG! Script does not attempt to VALIDATE correctness of replica copy. So if you run it on replica server containing wrong copy, resulting file in the volume will be bad also.

gluster volume heal VOLUME info split-brain | grep "FILENAME" | awk '{print $3}' | sort -r | uniq > /tmp/splitbrain

for f in $(cat /tmp/splitbrain); do
    if [ -f ${BRICK}${SBFILE} -o -d ${BRICK}${SBFILE} ]; then
        GFID=$(getfattr -n trusted.gfid --absolute-names -e hex ${BRICK}${SBFILE} | grep 0x | cut -d'x' -f2)
        echo "WARNING! ${BRICK}${SBFILE} not found. Skipping"
    if [ -f ${BRICK}/.glusterfs/${GFID:0:2}/${GFID:2:2}/${GFID:0:8}-${GFID:8:4}-${GFID:12:4}-${GFID:16:4}-${GFID:20:12} ]; then
        echo "Removing ${BRICK}/.glusterfs/${GFID:0:2}/${GFID:2:2}/${GFID:0:8}-${GFID:8:4}-${GFID:12:4}-${GFID:16:4}-${GFID:20:12}"
        rm -f ${BRICK}/.glusterfs/${GFID:0:2}/${GFID:2:2}/${GFID:0:8}-${GFID:8:4}-${GFID:12:4}-${GFID:16:4}-${GFID:20:12}
        echo "Removing ${BRICK}${SBFILE}"
        rm -f ${BRICK}${SBFILE}
        echo "Stat'ing file"
        stat /MOUNT_POINT/${SBFILE}
        echo "WARNING! ${BRICK}${SBFILE} GFID file was not found. Skipping!"

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Also, because of the mistake that I did removing files and folders (the .dropbox-cache folder removal on all the bricks) directly from bricks, maybe it's better to scan the .gluster folder and remove any broken symlink before upgrading (but after having stopped glusterd, of course)?
Please let me know. I can understand that these are basic questions, but I don't want to make many other mistakes
Thanks a lot for your great support

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