[Gluster-users] Gluster NFS - no permission to write from Windows

Nux! nux at li.nux.ro
Tue Jul 30 10:21:10 UTC 2013

On 30.07.2013 11:03, Anand Avati wrote:
> What unix uid is the windows client mapping the access to? I guess the
> permission issue boils down to that. You can create a file under the 
> mode
> 777 dir, and check the uid/gid from a linux client. Then make sure the 
> dirs
> you create can be writeable by that uid/gid.

Yep, it's some weird UID:
drwxr-xr-x 2 4294967294 4294967294 10 Jul 30 11:14 New folder

So the solution would be to "chown 4294967294:4294967294 directory"? 
Was hoping for something more elegant, but it'll have to do I guess.

Also, another problem I notice is that doing anything on this NFS mount 
in windows is extremely slow and I frequently get a "Not Responding" 
Explorer window. Any thoughts on why this might happen?

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