[Gluster-users] Healing in glusterfs 3.3.1

Vijay Bellur vbellur at redhat.com
Sat Jul 27 15:34:49 UTC 2013

On 07/24/2013 07:27 PM, Paulo Silva wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a glusterfs 3.3.1 setup with 2 servers and a replicated volume
> used by 4 clients.
> Sometimes from some clients I can't access some of the files. After I
> force a full heal on the brick I see several files healed. Is this
> behavior normal?

With 3.3.1, healing happens in two modes:

a) index heal - based on changes recorded in indices on bricks. The 
indices are consumed by self-heal daemons on each server for performing 
healing and is the default mode of operation.

b) full heal - works through a full crawl of the volume. In this mode, 
self-heal daemon inspects changelogs of all files and directories it 
encounters during a crawl. This mode is triggered when volume heal full 
command is used.

Normally, a) is faster and addresses most healing cases. Do you have 
more details on files that require a full heal to be performed for 
healing completion?


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