[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] [FEEDBACK] Governance of GlusterFS project

Amar Tumballi amarts at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 02:29:04 UTC 2013


Glad that such a discussion came up :-)

Few comments inline.

>   Here are some specific topics to seed the discussion:
> - Core team formation
>   - what are the qualifications for membership (e.g contributions of code,
> doc, packaging, support on irc/lists, how to quantify?)
>   - what are the responsibilities of the group (e.g direction of the
> project, project roadmap, infrastructure, membership)

 - Core team structure/membership/goal is most important of all, as most
probably the responsibility of the group will be having a bearing on all
the below bullet points.
 - One thing to consider is, do we have any limit on number of people @
core team ?
    -> If not, then we have a long term problem of once people get in, they
may loose focus, interest etc (mgmt issues)
    -> If yes, what is the number, and then how long is the membership
valid ? (6months? 1yr? 2yr?)

> - Roadmap
>   - process of proposing features
>   - process of selection of features for release
Good to start with some guidelines from other projects.

> - Release management
>   - timelines and frequency
>   - release themes
>   - life cycle and support for releases
>   - project management and tracking

Same here, would be good to follow other project to start with, and then
corrections as we see it.

> - Project maintainers
>   - qualification for membership
>   - process and evaluation
Again, same questions like core team membership applies here.
Considering we are talking about whole project maintainership here, one
criteria should be the depth of understanding about framework.
- In considering contributions, just the number of contribution (ie, patch
count etc) alone should not be the goal here, but the impact of the changes
on the project also should be a metric.

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