[Gluster-users] gluster 3.3.2 healing - repeated entries every 10 minutes

Iain Buchanan iainbuc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 10:02:59 UTC 2013

This seems to have slowed down now. I'm just seeing a few entries 
popping up.
- How can you tell that healing has completely finished?
- Is it possible to heal a file while it is being modified?  (E.g. a 
virtual machine image)


On 07/25/13 07:18, Iain Buchanan wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a gluster volume with two bricks, one of which failed.  Replica was set at 2, so they both had copies of all the data.  I removed the failing brick, reducing the replica count to 1, then added a replacement brick and increased the replica count to 2 again.
> Healing appears to be taking place, but if I do "volume heal VOLNAME info healed" I can see that a few entries appear only once in the list (small files - presumably completed), but the larger files are repeating every 10 minutes.  I'm guessing this is the automatic self-heal adding the files to the queue.
> Is this going to be a problem?  It looks like the healing queue is going to just keep building up, re-adding the same in-progress files again and again.  I'm hoping that when it completes healing a file all additional references to it will just disappear?
> Iain

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