[Gluster-users] On ports and firewalls

Nux! nux at li.nux.ro
Wed Jul 24 12:11:25 UTC 2013

On 24.07.2013 08:50, Nux! wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone help with this? I need to setup a firewall around a
> gluster (3.4) setup and I wouldn't like my clients to become peers. :)
> So the ports I'd need to watch for would be:
> management traffic (aka `gluster peer` operations etc) - 24007/tcp,
> 24008/tcp, 24009+/tcp (for the bricks)
> client traffic (so clients can mount & use the volume, but not become
> peers) - ???
> nfs traffic - 111/udp, 111/tcp & 38465-38468/tcp

Just noticed 24009 needs to be open for the NFS to work (doh!).

I'm still waiting for clarifications on which ports I need to open in 
order to allow client mounts, but not "peer" requests.

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