[Gluster-users] symbolic links changed to empty files

Nux! nux at li.nux.ro
Sun Jul 14 14:20:57 UTC 2013

On 14.07.2013 10:04, Allan Latham wrote:

> The original has 5261 symbolic links:
> root at h06 /root/mnt/h06 # find -type l |wc
>    5261    5261  182824
> The copy has only 4089:
> root at h65 /gluster/mnt/20 # find -type l |wc
>    4089    4089  141644

Hello Allan,

I cannot provide a solution, it may be a bug, but just wanted to note 
I'm running Gluster 3.4 beta 4 on Centos6 64bit, XFS and I don't see the 
Since we're at it I also cannot replicate your hardlink problem either 
(from your other email). Things work as expected.

It might be useful to provide more details on what your 
OS/kernel/filesystem are.
Also do note the recommended filesystem for Gluster is XFS and I would 
imagine most of the testing and development is done on it.



PS: sorry for the double email, forgot to CC the list initially.

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