[Gluster-users] A question about healing

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Fri Jul 12 09:51:00 UTC 2013


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> I'm dumping data to it like mad, and I decide to simulate a filesystem error
> my remounting half of the cluster's drives in read-only mode with "mount -
> o remount,ro".
> The cluster seems to slow just slightly, but it kept on ticking.  Great.

You are lucky then. In my case when FS was remounted RO due to SCSI controller detected ECC error in cache memory (If I correctly recall, read operations also was failing) it was not so bright. Everything seemed to be working OK, until I have listed mount point. Then whole cluster went down to a grinding halt. It seems that in my case Gluster was not able to identify that node had failed and attempted to do I/O on that brick. As node did not respond, Gluster client waited and waited for response. 

To avoid  that I have changed fstab mount option to: errors=panic instead of default errors= remount-ro

> awesome.  I look at the log files and I see lots of stuff like
> this:
> > [2013-07-11 16:20:13.387798] E [posix.c:1853:posix_open]
> > 0-bkupc1-posix: open on
> > /export/a/glusterfs/BACKUPS/2013-07-
> 10/cat/export/c/data/dir2/OLD/.dir.old.tar.gz.hdbx3z:
> > File exists
> > [2013-07-11 16:20:13.387819] I [server3_1-fops.c:1538:server_open_cbk]
> > 0-bkupc1-server: 24283714: OPEN
> > /BACKUPS/2013-07-10/cat/export/c/data/dir2/OLD/.dir.old.tar.gz.hdbx3z
> > (0c079382-e88b-432c-83e3-79bd9f5b8bb9) ==> -1 (File exists)
> I believe that this particular file was still open for writing when I took away
> write access to half of the cluster.  Once the rsync process I'm running
> finishes with that file the errors cease.
Can you open the file from mount point?

> The manual lists "volume heal <VOLUME> info heal-failed" as a command
> that I can check out, so I run that and get a list of files for which healing has
> failed.  There's quite a bit of them.
Did you check output of "volume heal <VOLUME> info healed", maybe those files were eventually healed. Compare time stamps. 

> any, that I should take to fix a failed heal.  Is there anything that I should do?
> Or will this eventually sort itself out?
If I remember correctly, there is a bug in 3.3.1, which prevents clearing heal log so failed item list will grow until daemon is restarted. Try to restart glusterfs-server and run heal command to see results. 

Also if the file is in splitbrain state, I believe it will not be healed. as Gluster cannot identify which copy of replica is good. You are using replicated or distributed replicated volume, am I right? 

Please correct me if I am wrong about splitbrain as this question is important for me also!

Thank you
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