[Gluster-users] One node goes offline, the other node can't see the replicated volume anymore

John Mark Walker johnmark at gluster.org
Thu Jul 11 19:07:27 UTC 2013

No worries, Greg. Your posts have been fine - don't worry about it. 


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> Well…OK. The “on my own” comment came from me after a long time and a lot of
> work trying to figure this out. I just went back and checked – I posted the
> original question on 7/8 at 8:18 PM. I asked a follow-up question 7/9 at
> 12:27 PM, roughly 16 hours later. And then the “On my own” post was on 7/10
> at 12:27 AM, or around 28 hours after my original question. I was feeling
> kind of lonely and, well, on my own at the time. All times are USA Central
> time. I do work weird hours.

> I certainly don’t mean to be a troll and even after all these years, I still
> don’t know what a troll is. All I know is, I need help with this issue and I
> appreciate the advice so far. And, frankly, without community help solving
> or mitigating this problem, I can’t use Gluster for my HA application
> because the behavior I observed creates 2 single points of failure instead
> of eliminating a single point of failure with redundancy. Which creates a
> serious headache and I would think a problem the whole community would want
> to overcome.

> I gave the best info I know how to give, and I did a bunch of work to try to
> characterize the problem and take my application out of the mix. If I can do
> more or provide more info, just tell me what I can provide while I have
> everything sitting here in a testbed.

> My challenge now is, this project was supposed to be delivered several days
> ago. I’ll be out of town tomorrow so I may not be able to get back to it
> until Saturday. I just don’t feel good delivering this system until I can
> test it some more and understand what’s going on with the issue I stumbled
> upon.

> - Greg

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> the replicated volume anymore

> The trolling is the "you're on your own" bit. We have a very helpful
> community.

> The only questions that go unanswered on irc are the ones where the asker
> left.

> On email, I suspect it's when the information provided stumps the readers, or
> some people (myself included) tend not to respond when the email has no
> information at all. (Not saying his had no info, just cataloging.)

> John Mark Walker < johnmark at gluster.org > wrote:

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> > This is unhelpful and trolling. Please refrain from this behavior.
> Er, not so fast :)

> If bad things happen to our users, I want to create the kind of environment
> where they feel like they can discuss it openly. Things happen, and we need
> to know about it.

> The time to crack down would be if someone posts stuff that is off-topic or
> continuously rants without acknowledging current efforts. Look, he said it
> didn't work for him and he's evaluating other things - I don't have a
> problem with that.

> I ask only two things in this area:

> 1. if future versions attempt to solve your specific issues that you
> acknowledge the effort and give it a try.

> 2. once you've said your piece, ie. "this doesn't work for me" and you decide
> to leave for other pastures, please don't continue to post stuff here that
> reflects on old releases and out-of-date information.

> -JM

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