[Gluster-users] One Volume Per User - Possible with Gluster?

Joshua Hawn josh at picloud.com
Wed Jul 3 00:25:05 UTC 2013

I've been looking into using Gluster to replace a system that we currently
use for storing data for several thousand users. With our current networked
file system, each user can create volumes and only that user has access to
their volumes with authentication.

I see that Gluster also offers a username/password auth system, which is
great, but there are several issues about it that bother me:

[1] Currently all the authentication related information is passed
un-encrypted over the network from client to server.
[2] Currently each volume is managed as a separate process on the server.

[1] is a major security issue for me and [2] is a major scalablity issue.

Are either of these issues going to be fixed in the next release or are
there any alternatives that Gluster offers? Also, is the authentication
layer only used by the Gluster FUSE client or is it possible with NFS or

I've also wondered if Gluster can support authentication on a sub-directory
level? If not, how complicated would it be to modify the source code to
enable it? This would enable us to go around the one-process-per-volume
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