[Gluster-users] high CPU load on all bricks

Michael Colonno mcolonno at stanford.edu
Fri Feb 1 20:46:13 UTC 2013

            Gluster gurus ~


            I've deployed and 8-brick (2x replicate) Gluster 3.3.1 volume on
CentOS 6.3 with tcp transport. I was able to build, start, mount, and use
the volume. On each system contributing a brick, however, my CPU usage
(glusterfsd) is hovering around 20% (virtually zero memory usage
thankfully). These are brand new, fairly beefy servers so 20% CPU load is
quite a bit. The deployment is pretty plain with each brick mounting the
volume to itself via a glusterfs mount. I assume this type of CPU usage is
atypically high; is there anything I can do to investigate what's soaking up
CPU and minimize it? Total usable volume size is only about 22 TB (about 45
TB total with 2x replicate). 



            ~Mike C. 


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