[Gluster-users] hanging of mounted filesystem (3.3.1)

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Fri Feb 1 00:34:50 UTC 2013

On 01/31/2013 04:00 PM, Michael Colonno wrote:
> Related: any official word on full RDMA support in Gluster 3.x?
> Thanks,
> ~Mike C.
The last official word I got from Raghavendra Bhat defined the state of 
RDMA in 3.3.1 as "Tech Preview". As I understand it, this is a Red Hat 
term for "it hasn't gone through sufficient QA testing for us to support 
it commercially". There's no less support in 3.3 than there was in 3.1 
or 3.2.

The people that I've seen use RDMA successfully used bleeding edge 
kernels and drivers, fwiw.
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