[Gluster-users] Bricks filling up

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Tue Apr 16 19:42:56 UTC 2013

On 04/15/2013 06:35 PM, Thomas Wakefield wrote:
> Help-
> I have multiple gluster filesystems, all with the setting: cluster.min-free-disk: 500GB.  My understanding is that this setting should stop new writes to a brick with less than 500GB of free space.  But that existing files might expand, which is why I went with a high number like 500GB.  But I am still getting full bricks, frequently it's the first brick in the cluster that suddenly fills up.
> Can someone tell me how gluster chooses where to write a file.  And why the min-free-disk is being ignored.
> Running 3.3.1 currently on all servers.
> Thanks,
> -Tom
Except for the full-brick allocation, which I haven't read the source to 
figure out, here's a general answer to your question about how the 
client chooses where to place a file: 

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