[Gluster-users] ls seems to be stuck, but keeps looping in a directory in a distributed setup

Michael Brown michael at netdirect.ca
Mon Apr 15 14:21:27 UTC 2013

Yes, actually.

Are you running with ext4 bricks?


If so, try disabling dir_index on the ext4 filesystems and remounting them.


On 13-04-15 10:01 AM, Sabuj Pattanayek wrote:
> Hi all,
> Anyone ever seen a problem where ls seems to be stuck (can't ctrl+c
> out, only kill -9), but is actually looping forever in a directory
> under a simple distributed setup? Seems like inodes have somehow got
> into a loop? Any suggestions other than running fsck on the underlying
> filesystems?
> Thanks,
> Sabuj
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