[Gluster-users] How to properly shutdown Gluster (glusterd *and* related processes)

Guido De Rosa guido.derosa at vemarsas.it
Thu Apr 11 14:39:29 UTC 2013

Hi, thanks for the replies!

My question, which originated this thread, raised from a Debian user
perspective: the package includes an init script which starts and
stops glusterd only.

As a comparison, I had a look at CentOS rpm: there are *two* init
scripts in there, one for glusterd and one for glusterfsd.

Jan's and Adam's are both good points imho, maybe the use of 2
different init scripts would answer both? And, so, other distros
should follow?


> If glusterd starts all configured daemons, there should be
> some (automated) way to stop them too. During the system
> shutdown, If the script stopped glusterd only, the other
> daemons would be killed by the killprocs script, which is,
> however, run after the network interfaces are shut down.

> The problem with that is that there are good reasons to be
> able to restart the glusterd on a running system, and having
> it kill all of your mounts *and* all of  your fileserving daemons
> is unexpected. You could have multiple GlusterFS clusters,
> why should it unmount ones that are unrelated? You may just
> want glusterd to *start* a missing glusterfsd in the event of a
> crash of one. Heck, you may not want the configuration daemon
> running all the time. The fact of the matter is that glusterd is a
> service, and stopping it on Gentoo kills other services that
> are not strictly dependent on it.

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