[Gluster-users] Find NFS client

Heiko Schröter schroete at iup.physik.uni-bremen.de
Thu Oct 25 10:56:13 UTC 2012


how can i determine which IP mounts the glusterfs via NFS ?
Unfortunatly i don't find any info in the logs.
We do use the native gluster build in nfs server.

Volume Name: mydata
Type: Distribute
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 14
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: raid29:/data
Brick2: raid34:/data
Brick3: raid28:/data
Brick4: raid24:/data
Brick5: raid26:/data
Brick6: raid27:/data
Brick7: raid21:/data
Brick8: raid20:/data
Brick9: raid22:/data
Brick10: raid23:/data
Brick11: raid30:/data
Brick12: raid31:/data
Brick13: raid32:/data
Brick14: raid33:/data
Options Reconfigured:
cluster.min-free-disk: 5%
network.ping-timeout: 24
nfs.disable: off
nfs.export-dir: /data
nfs.export-volumes: on
performance.stat-prefetch: off


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