[Gluster-users] help?

Doug Schouten dschoute at sfu.ca
Sat Oct 20 06:04:40 UTC 2012


	I've been fiddling with GlusterFS 3.3 to try and improve performance. 
It seems something funny has happened in my hacking. Now I am seeing 
many file access errors like:

rsync: read errors mapping "/global/...": No data available (61)

An ls -lR shows the files to be there ...

Having similar issues trying to open the files in other programs. This 
doesn't happen all the time, but it is ~ 50% and sort of randomly. But 
when it starts to happen, say in an rsync over a whole directory, then 
it continues for each subsequent file.

I also see many errors like

1-global-io-cache: page error

in /var/log/gluster.log

Any ideas?

I've tried stopping and bringing gluster back up and remounting. I've 
found the physical location of a few files on the servers and 
successfully read them, also rsync'd them locally to /tmp. I am at my 
wits end here ... up to now GlusterFS was running without a hitch for ~ 
1 year.


  Doug Schouten
  Research Associate

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