[Gluster-users] File locking

Rohit Singh rxsingh at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 17:26:39 UTC 2012


Does Gluster provide POSIX compatible file locking transparently with
multiple clients simultaneously trying to lock files on a Gluster share
with the native Gluster client?

A lot of the code in our application framework relies on file locking for
synchronization. I was running across some errors, and wanted to rule out
file locking issues – hence this question.

The gluster documentation mentions a features/posix-locks translator that
should be used for distributed file level locking. This translator can be
added using the config files as shown in the example at
However, this method of using config files doesn't seem to be available in
newer versions of Gluster, and I couldn't find an equivalent way of using
this translator using the command line.  Can someone confirm if I need to
use this translator, and how I could enable it with Gluster 3.3?

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