[Gluster-users] lost data, help!

renqiang renqiang at 360buy.com
Wed Oct 10 15:15:24 UTC 2012


       I have a problem now!Can you help me!

       When I use replace-brick command to use some new machines to replace some old machines in my cluster.
   But it dosen't susscess! It only create some link files in the new machines,it dosen't copy the real data to the

   new machines.So we have an idea,we copy the data in the bricks of  all the old machines to the volume of

   my cluster from the mount point of the volume.(There is only one volume in my cluster.) But we ingnor the

   link files in the bricks of the old methines.When we copy all the files in the bricks of the old methines to the
   volume , the link files overwrite  all the real data files which are linked by the link files. So we  lost much data.

  And when we read the files which are lost data, gluster will choose the file's real file in dead loop,So client

  time out and there are too many socket links.

        How can we find our data? We try to use some disk tools to recovery the lost data。 We analyse all
   copyed link files to find out which data wo lose.

        Can someone give me some suggestions,thank you!

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