[Gluster-users] Is this possible?

Fred van Zwieten fvzwieten at vxcompany.com
Tue Oct 9 12:35:22 UTC 2012


I wonder if the following setup is possible:

1. Setup GlusterFS on several bricks on site A
2. Setup GlusterFS on several bricks on site B. These bricks get there
storage from LVM
3. Setup geo sync from A to B.
4. On scheduled points in time:
4a. Stop GeoSync
4b. Stop GlusterFS daemon on site B (maybe not even necessary)
4c. LVM snapshot all bricks on site B (possible because the only writer has
4d. Start GlusterFS daemon in site B (if stopped previously)
4e. Start GeoSync

The goal is to build up retention on the Geo Sync target.


1. Possible?
2. Is geosync "start" actually a "restart" in the sense that it does
everything since the last "stop"
3. Gotcha's?

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