[Gluster-users] Inviting comments on my plans

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Mon Nov 19 00:56:36 UTC 2012

On 11/18/12 7:53 PM, Whit Blauvelt wrote:
> Red Hat does not support upgrades between major versions. Thus Cent OS and
> Scientific don't either. That's a major part of why I generally run Ubuntu
> or Debian instead, except for users who are really wedded to the Red Hat
> way.
I work in an Enterprise environment, and in general once a RHEL release 
goes out of support it is time to replace the hardware anyway - We 
usually stick to a 4-5yr max lifecycle for hardware, which fits well 
with the RedHat 7yr support model. Assuming you are running non-RHEL 
software, an upgrade between major versions has to be a complete mess, 
if not impossible.

Back to the original posters query - What's your business requirements? 
I've learned that if you try to build a solution by putting technology 
first it never seems to work well. We don't even know if Gluster is 
appropriate for your needs.


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