[Gluster-users] Avoid Split-brain and other stuff

Martin Emrich martin.emrich at empolis.com
Thu Nov 15 13:55:54 UTC 2012


> > gluster> volume create gv1-kl replica 1 transport tcp /bricks/brick2
> > replica count should be greater than 1
> > Usage: volume create <NEW-VOLNAME> [stripe <COUNT>] [replica
> <COUNT>] [transport <tcp|rdma|tcp,rdma>] <NEW-BRICK> ...
> Don't include "replica 1" - it's an option argument.

Thanks, life can be so easy sometimes :)
Now that that works, I have the next question. I configured geo-replication, but it seems files are only replicated from master to slave, not from slave to master. Is that intentional? I found no hint in the docs whether it is supposed to be uni- or bidirectional...



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