[Gluster-users] how to shrink a volume?

Anselm Strauss strauss at puzzle.ch
Fri Nov 9 14:51:40 UTC 2012

ah, i just noticed i tested this on gluster 3.2 not 3.3. also in the
changelog to 3.3 it says that remove-brick now migrates data to
remaining bricks.


On 09.11.2012 15:30, Shylesh Kumar wrote:
> Anselm Strauss wrote:
>> hi,
>> although there is a related section in the documentation of gluster 3.3,
>> i do not see this really working. removing a brick will just remove data
>> on a brick which is not what i want. and migrating means replacing the
>> brick with a new one which does not result in a shrunken volume.
>> is there a way to shrink a volume online without loosing any data in the
>> means of reducing the number of bricks a volume is distributed over?
> try remove-brick start option
> $ gluster volume remove-brick volname brick1 start
> this will redistribute the data from brick1 to the remaining bricks
> once it's completed then commit it.
> $ gluster volume remove-brick volname brick1 commit
> this removes the brick1 from the volume.
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