[Gluster-users] Very slow directory listing and high CPU usage on replicated volume

Ivan Dimitrov dobber at amln.net
Tue Nov 6 12:21:54 UTC 2012

That's a very good point. I've been evaluating glusterfs from version 
1.0 and refused to use it for one and only reason: the split-brain 
problem. With version 3.3 I have finally switched to glusterfs, but 
after a few months of production usage, I'm thinking of going back to 
separate servers with big raids.

/home/freecloud# time echo * |wc -w

real    16m42.242s
user    0m0.384s
sys    0m0.072s

I just don't get it. Until version 3.3 - Why would I need openstack, 
qemu support etc etc when after one simple reboot I would loose part of 
my data.

On 11/6/12 11:35 AM, Fernando Frediani (Qube) wrote:
> Joe,
> I don't think we have to accept this as this is not acceptable thing. I have seen countless people complaining about this problem for a while and seems no improvements have been done.
> The thing about the ramdisk although might help, looks more a chewing gun. I have seen other distributed filesystems that don't suffer for the same problem, so why Gluster have to ?

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