[Gluster-users] When self-healing is triggered?

Flavio Oliveira nvezes at live.com
Thu May 31 09:31:41 UTC 2012


The storages are the Gluster Servers. 
We have a ftp mount-point so the users have normal FTP access to the shared volumes in order to upload the files.
Once the files are avialable, we use the Gluster Native client to provide access for these uploaded files.

We are considering to upgrade to Gluster 3.2.6, does anyone know what can trigger this bailing out problem?
Have someone noticed it in most current production release (i.e: 3.2.6)


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Subject: Re: [Gluster-users] When self-healing is triggered?

On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 11:05 AM, Flavio Oliveira <nvezes at live.com> wrote:


I am new in the Gluster world but I got a problem in my hands.

Actually, as the client was disconnected and re-connected to the server, it may be enough reason to trigger the self-healing. That was my first thought.

The servers may not be synchronized (Timeout, Pending actions, etc). However a more experient co-worker told me that it was not enough reason. 
Anyway, what I am really investigating is the timeout message below, it might be connected with the self-healing. Maybe something went wrong during the

self-healing (File system corrupted!?). So, that's why I need to understand when the self-healing is triggered.  

[2012-05-22 21:57:09.627220] E [rpc-clnt.c:199:call_bail] 0-client-6: bailing out frame type(GlusterFS 3.1) op(FINODELK(30)) xid = 0x358492x sent = 2012-05-22 21:27:00.394792. timeout = 1800

Basically we have two FTP servers that upload data to the storages and Glusterfs will write files synchronously on all replicas.
So the files become available to On Demand streaming.

Customer -> FTP Server -> Storage <-> Gluster Clienter <-> Viewer

It's getting clearer. Focusing on the Gluster infrastructures: there are Gluster servers and Gluster clients. Where are them in the above schema?
Are the storage servers the gluster servers? You know you shall not change anything directly in a brick, only through Gluster native client, Gluster NFS or Gluster CIFS?


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