[Gluster-users] question on prospective release dates

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed May 30 13:34:05 UTC 2012

We are curious about the 3.3 GA date.  Beta1 was released to the world 
(according to the src date) 20-July-2011.  As this is within 60 days 
(right now) of a 1 year anniversary of the beta, is there an expected GA 
date for the 3.3 release?  We have customers who want to pilot test 
Gluster, and we are trying to figure out which code to have them start 
with.  We've deployed every gluster from 2.0.x onwards ... and I'd like 
to avoid some of the issues we ran into with the 3.0->3.1->3.2 chain. 
I'd like to suggest 3.3-qaX, but I need to have a rough guess at what 
the GA date is for 3.3 so that they are not stuck deploying a qa release.



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