[Gluster-users] Unanswered questions from Community.gluster.org

John Mark Walker johnmark at redhat.com
Thu May 17 17:47:32 UTC 2012


There are a fair bit of unanswered questions on our Q&A site. If you could take a look, it would be appreciates. 

To see all unanswered questions at any time, see this URL: 

Or the atom feed:

And if you live in Twitter land, you can get the latest via the @GlusterOrg feed.

Here are some of the latest questions:

New Question: can a volume only save in one brick? http://bit.ly/KTMG8M

New Question: GlusterFS does strange things to some files! Mount bind does not work correctly http://bit.ly/KTMG8I

New Question: Hi, I was trying to install GlusterFS on ubuntu 11.04, my machine is 32-bit, i tried the 3.3 and 3... http://bit.ly/KTMG8G

New Question: secondary gid permissions http://bit.ly/KTMG8E

New Question: How to "rebalance" (or include) files from before the volume configuration? http://bit.ly/KjVKRW


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