[Gluster-users] Bugzilla upgrade & planned outage - May 22

John Mark Walker johnmark at redhat.com
Thu May 10 21:41:08 UTC 2012

Pasting an email from bugzilla-announce:

Red Hat Bugzilla (bugzilla.redhat.com) will be unavailable on May 22nd starting at 6 p.m. EDT [2200 UTC] to perform an upgrade from Bugzilla 3.6 to Bugzilla 4.2. We are hoping to be complete in no more than 3 hours barring any problems. Any services relying on bugzilla.redhat.com may not work properly during this time. Please be aware in case you need use of those services during the outage.

Also *PLEASE* make sure any scripts or other external applications that rely on bugzilla.redhat.com are tested against our test server before the upgrade if you have not done so already. Let the Bugzilla Team know immediately of any issues found by reporting the bug in bugzilla.redhat.com against the Bugzilla product, version 4.2.

A summary of the RPC changes is also included below.

RPC changes from upstream Bugzilla 4.2:
 - Bug.* returns arrays for components, versions and aliases
 - Bug.* returns target_release array
 - Bug.* returns flag information (from Bugzilla 4.4)
 - Bug.search supports searching on keywords, dependancies, blocks
 - Bug.search supports quick searches, saved searches and advanced searches
 - Group.get has been added
 - Component.* and Flag.* have been added
 - Product.get has a component_names option to return just the component names.

RPC changes from Red Hat Bugzilla 3.6:
 - This list may be incomplete.
 - This list excludes upstream changes from 3.6 that we inherited
 - Bug.update calls may use different column names. For example, in 3.6 you updated the 'short_desc'
   key if you wanted to change the summary. Now you must use the 'summary' key. This may be an 
   inconeniance, but will make it much more maintainable in the long run.
 - Bug.search_new new becomes Bug.search. The 3.6 version of Bug.search is no longer available.
 - Product.* has been changed to match upstream code
 - Group.create has been added
 - RedHat.* and bugzilla.* calls that mirror official RPC calls are officially depreciated, and 
   will be removed approximately two months after Red Hat Bugzilla 4.2 is released.

To test against the new beta Bugzilla server, go to https://partner-bugzilla.redhat.com/


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