[Gluster-users] Weird folder in my home directory

Mateusz mat.jonczyk at gmail.com
Fri May 4 19:28:30 UTC 2012

Some time ago I saw a folder called "clients" in my home directory. I 
didn't remember creating it manually.
It appears to contain some example data for gluster:

mateusz at mateusz-laptop:~/clients$ find | sort



The files contain all nulls.

I was not able to find in the web any archive that contains them. All I 
found were some documentation articles and bug reports related to gluster.
I am about to do a clean reinstall of my system anyway, but before I 
would like to investigate this further.

I have not installed glusterfs or any files related to it.

If and how could I have created these files inadvertently?


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