[Gluster-users] Is there a striped replicated mode?

Wipe_Out wipe_out at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Mar 31 16:54:37 UTC 2012


I am doing some testing for a system to store Virtual Machine images..

The best way to spread large files is in the striped mode but it provides
no data security..

Replicated provides security but not the scale..

Distributed isn't good for performance of large files because it
distributes complete files.. So a 50GB file would be resident on one brick..

Now it appears that Distributed can be combined with replicated and
stripped but like these don't appear to provide the best setup for large
files unless I am mis-understanding..

Would a striped replicated mode not be the best for spreading large files
over the bricks while at the same time replicating the data? Is this

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