[Gluster-users] Problem: Gluster performance too high..

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Thu Mar 29 20:03:10 UTC 2012

Thanks!  bonnie++ was going to be my next step. 
I thought of doing the local create-local-files-and-copy, but it 
complicates the process a bit (he said, lazily sipping his mint 
julep).  But the time to read a local copy would be fairly trivial 
compared to the network time, so this sounds like it would be a good 

On Thursday 29 March 2012 12:40:23 Jeff White wrote:
> Maybe it's cheating by writing sparse files or something of the
> like  because it knows it's all zeros?  Create some files locally
> from /dev/urandom and copy them.  I think you'll see much lower
> performance. Better yet, use bonnie++.
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> University of Pittsburgh - CSSD

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